Bali Women Crisis Centre

For the Independent & Empowered Women


The realization of a positive legal system and customary law that is gender-just and creates a society without violence in any form, especially against women and children.


Providing legal services as a legal aid institution for women and children who experience gender injustice.

Playing an active role in changing (advocating) the legal system, including the Balinese customary law system so that it is gender equal.

Empower the community and law enforcement officials to make them more gender-sensitive.

Conduct a critical study of the preparation, production, dissemination, and documentation of various information regarding the upholding of women's and children's rights related to law and culture in Bali.

Making a professional institution and a center for learning about legal services and changing the legal system that is gender equal and fair in the Bali region.

Doing creative economic empowerment for marginalized women.

Providing community-based safe housing

Donations for Handling Cases of Violence against Women and Underprivileged Children

Donations will be useful to help increase the expansion of access to justice for victims which will be used to finance legal consultations, court administrative expenses, and psychological assistance for victims of violence.

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